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China’s Xi participates in ceremony to mark Martyrs’ Day in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square

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« Chinese President Xi Jinping, alongside other officials, participated in a ceremony in Tiananmen Square in Beijing to mark Martyrs’ Day on Saturday.
Footage features schoolchildren singing a patriotic song while holding flowers. Servicemen of the honour guard could also be seen laying wreaths.
Veterans, relatives of martyrs, and individuals from various backgrounds assembled at the Monument to the People’s Heroes to commemorate China’s Martyrs’ Day. This observance took place one day before China’s National Day.
Approximately 20 million martyrs are reportedly to be commemorated in China. Among this number, were soldiers, revolutionaries, and early figures of the communist movement.
In 2014, the highest legislative body in China, the National People’s Congress, officially designated September 30 as Martyrs’ Day. This date serves as a commemoration of ‘those who gave their lives in the quest for modern national independence, prosperity, and the well-being of the people’. »

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