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Flower power! Red Spider Lilies belated blooming delights visitors in Japan

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« Thousands of Japanese citizens flocked to Kinchakuda Manjushage Park in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture, to say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn in the impressive red spider lilies fields.
The park is one of the best places near Tokyo to see red spider lilies, also known as ‘higanbana’ or ‘manjushage’ in Japanese.
Footage recorded on Saturday showed visitors walking around the crimson-colored flower fields, taking pictures.
« Due to the continued heat wave, the blooming of the flowers has been delayed by about a week. As you can see now, the flowers have begun to bloom and many tourists are visiting here », said Sasamori, from the Industrial Promotion Division of Hidaka City Hall and one of the responsibles for the Manjushage Festival.
According to the festival organisers, around five million of these unique flowers have bloomed throughout Saitama’s extensive park, giving the event a special appeal for visitors. »

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