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‘I hope that everyone can continue to speak their mind freely’ – Hundreds protest government’s policies in Stuttgart

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« Hundreds took to the streets of Stuttgart, on Saturday, joining rally organised by ‘Baden-Württemberg stands up’ alliance to protest against government policies, call for peace and prosperity for the middle class and show discontent with the agricultural reform package.
Footage shows protesters marching and drumming while holding placards among others reading: ‘When the last farmer gives up, you will realise that you cannot eat political ideology’, ‘Education instead of bombs’, and ‘Peace! Freedom! Truth! Love!’
« I am here because I hope that everyone can continue to speak their mind freely, that we have peace, that we don’t support any arms deliveries, and against the government at the moment, because I think that what is happening at the moment is not for the people, but against the people, » said Mischa, an activist from Stuttgart.
According to the police no incidents happened during ‘Baden-Württemberg stands up’ demonstration. »


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