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Sandwich showdown! Seville breaks Guinness Record with 158-meter-long ‘Serrano’ ham sandwich

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« Seville took a second attempt to secure a Guinness World Record for creating the world’s largest ‘Serranito’ sandwich on Friday. ‘Mesones del Serranito’ bar broke a record on Friday by presenting the largest Serranito sandwich in the world, measuring 158.7 meters.
This extraordinary event took place at the iconic Triana Bridge, promising not only a record-breaking feat but also a day filled with solidarity and music.
Originally planned for Corpus Christi Day, the city’s first attempt was thwarted by a remarkable waterspout. However, Jose Luis Cabeza, the owner of Mesones del Serranito, an iconic establishment in Seville, was undeterred, especially given that this year marks the 40th anniversary of his first venture, according to media reports.
The plan was to construct a colossal sandwich measuring an astounding 150 meters along the Triana Bridge.
“We have used 1,000 peppers, 2,000 (pork) steaks, 900 bread portions, I think that about 800 tomatoes and 2,000 ham slices. We didn’t add the omelet to guarantee the quality of the product. Since we are outdoors and it’s hot, the egg was removed”, explained Maria Angeles Cabeza, spokesperson of the ‘Mesones del Serranito’ bar.
A bar serving portions of the wandwitch and refreshments opened at noon, with all proceeds earmarked for charitable causes, while a series of concerts added live music to the event. »


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