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Scooter riders protest regulation for small electric vehicles in Madrid

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« Hundreds of scooter riders protested against the regulation of small electric vehicles issued by the Spanish Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) in the streets of Madrid on Saturday.
Footage shows demonstrators riding their scooters gathering in front of Madrid’s city hall building at Plaza de Cibeles, and holding banners with messages such as ‘A ban is not the solution. For a fair regulation’ and ‘We are not criminals, we are skateboarders’.
« They want to ban scooters by 2027 and that’s not good for us. Many of us go to work on our scooters, we have fun going for a ride. And they want to ban something that is not bad for the environment », a demonstrator said.
« We are protesting today because the new rules by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) are not fair at all. What they want is for all these scooters to be in the rubbish by 2027″, another protester said.
The Association of Personal Mobility Vehicle Users called for the demonstration against DGT regulations that will ban millions of electrical vehicles by 2027 if they do not comply with its manual of technical characteristics, such as the maximum permitted speed of 25 kilometres per hour as well as the minimum steering wheel height, according to media reports. »

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