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Serbia’s Vucic holds trilateral meeting with Hungarian PM Orban and UAE’s presidential envoy in Belgrade

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« Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic held a trilateral meeting with the President of Hungary Viktor Orban and the United Arab Emirates’ personal envoy of the president Crown Prince Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Belgrade on Friday.
The three discussed a wide range of topics including the situation in the Balkan region as well as an initiative to establish strategic security in the region in the field of energy, water supply, food industry and human resources.
« We also talked about the formation of joint companies for oil and gas and investing in new energy infrastructure for Serbia and Hungary and reducing dependence on existing sources, because, as you know, we in Serbia have only one oil pipeline to which we are connected. One or soon two gas pipelines that we are connected to and we need a lot more, » Vucic told reporters after the meeting.
Following the meeting, Orban reportedly stated that his country supports dialogue in every conflict and that it has never supported sanctions against any country in reference to EU sanctions against Russia and its impact on energy supply in Europe. »


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