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‘Spain needs a change’ – Madrid locals react after PP leader Feijoo fails to form government

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« The people of Madrid shared their views on Saturday after the leader of the ‘People’s Party’ (PP) Alberto Nunez Feijoo failed in his second attempt to secure a government and take office following a snap general election in July.
Despite receiving the most votes in the elections, Feijoo has so far been unable to win enough votes in parliament to secure an outright majority, even with the support of Santiago Abascal’s far-right Vox party.
« Clearly Spain needs a change, and Feijoo together with Santiago Abascal I think was the best option, » said Martin, a Madrid local.
Feijoo failed to secure a parliamentary majority by by 172 votes to 177 during an investiture debate on Friday, he also lost out by a similar margin on Wednesday, with 172 votes to 178.
The failure of the conservative politician opened the door for Spain’s acting prime minister and socialist party leader Pedro Sanchez to return to power through an alliance with Basque and Catalan nationalist parties.
« Well, it’s too bad, we’re going where we’re going, to misery, you can’t make pacts with terrorists, » a second resident named Jose said.
King Philip VI of Spain is now expected to task Sanchez with forming a new cabinet. If the government cannot be formed by 27 November, new parliamentary elections will be held on January 14. »


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