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‘That’s going to be the priority’ – Florida Governor DeSantis reiterates strong anti-immigration stance during election campaign speech

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« Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a Presidential campaign event at the LA Grain Harbour Facility at the Port of Long Beach, California, on Friday, declared his firm support for deportations.
« Everyone that has come illegally under Biden, we’ve got to go – they’re sending back, they’re sending back, so that’s going to be the priority. That’s probably six or 7 million people right there. It’s going to require a lot of effort, » Republican Presidential candidate asserted.
If elected to the White House, DeSantis pledged that immigration would be his top priority.
« Obama’s first term, there were more deportations than under Trump’s term in office. Now he’s saying he’s going to do this great thing. He had four years and didn’t get the job done, » he said.
During the campaign event DeSantis also clarified his pro-life stance and criticised California’s education system, accusing teachers of having a ‘hammerlock’ on the state’s education system.
Despite his strong stance, DeSantis currently lags behind former President Donald Trump in the latest Republican presidential nomination polls, with Trump leading the race. »


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