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‘Very worth visiting’- Chinese lantern fair kicks off in Suzhou to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

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« The 2023 Cross Strait (Kunshan) Chinese Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival took place in Suzhou, on Friday, with a display of various dazzling lanterns and decorations.
Footage shows the themed light areas with lantern installations of various shapes as well as festival attendees taking pictures and walking around.
« The main purpose is to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Suzhou. I have never been to Zhouzhuang before, and yesterday I also saw another ancient town and its lantern festival. Therefore, the two major lantern festivals in Suzhou are very worth visiting, so we came here specifically, » said a visitor Wang.
This year’s Mid Autumn Lantern Festival opened in Zhouzhuang Fugui Park along with 28th China Zhouzhuang International Tourism Festival. The two major lighting areas of Zhouzhuang and Huiju Square in the development zone were lit together and there were three themed light areas of Fugui Garden, Ancient Town, and Yunhai Pagoda.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is commemorated in Asia-Pacific nations through a range of traditional Chinese cultural activities, enticing numerous locals to immerse themselves in the festive ambience and explore Chinese culture. »

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