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Water cannons used to disperse climate protesters blocking highway in the Hague

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« The Police used water cannons against protesters who were blocking the A12 highway in the Hague in a demonstration against fossil fuels on Saturday.
The protest of the climate activist group Extinction Rebellion on was joined by dozens of activists of the organization ‘Last Generation’, who came from Germany to support the protest.
“We are here today to stop fossil fuels. We need to end the fossil fuel industry and today we are supporting here in the Netherlands, in The Hague, the demonstrations on the A12 », said Carla Rochel, spokesperson of ‘Last Generation’. « People are dying. We need to stop fossil fuels right now”, she added.
Since 9 September, Extinction Rebellion activists have been carrying daily sitting protests on the motorway through the city of The Hague, blocking the traffic. The rallies claim against alleged subsidies to fossil fuels by the Dutch government. »


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