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The world is my oyster! Georgian priest creates mosaics with seashells

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« Father Dimitri Sukhitashvili, an archpriest at the Kashveti Church in Tbilisi, has a unique talent. The clergyman has been crafting exquisite mosaics with seashells for more than 15 years.
Footage captured on Saturday, September 23, shows Sukhitashvili working on his latest mosaic.
« I came up with this idea because there was a colourful mountain of seashells lying on the shore and it was literally begging: ‘Take [me] and make something’, » Sukhitashvili said.
The artist added that the shells are so spectacular, they don’t need to be embellished with paint and varnish.
« When I bring them home, I wash them, let them dry, and I don’t process them in any way, no paint, no varnish. There is no need because it’s such a beautiful thing. If you put paint on it, the colour will die, there is no such glitter there, » he explained.
Sukhitashvili also said that arranging the shells to create icons was the hardest part of his creative process.
« You have to get a clear human shape, it’s very difficult, of course. I get nervous when I make icons, but they turned out so well, thank God. With God’s help, I did it, » he said.
The archpriest stores his works in a separate apartment and his personal collection has grown to around 70 artworks over the years.


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