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Thousands rally in Tel Aviv during 39th week of protests against Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul

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« Thousands of demonstrators rallied in the centre of Tel Aviv on Saturday for the 39th consecutive week of nationwide protests against the Netanyahu government’s judicial overhaul.
Footage shows huge crowds of protesters waving Israeli flags and beating drums in the city’s Dizengoff Square.
According to organisers, this week’s protest aims to highlight the destructive nature of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule.
Mass protests against the government’s judicial overhaul have been ongoing for months in Israel. At the end of July, parliament passed a law that restricts the Supreme Court’s ability to declare government decisions ‘unreasonable’.
The reforms, which give lawmakers increased powers over the Supreme Court and the appointment of judges, have seen huge, weekly protests across the country since they were announced in January.
The government has since stated that the changes are needed to provide balance to the branches of power, while opponents have described them as anti-democratic. »


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