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Tourists flock Beijing’s old part of Nanluoguxiang as Super Golden Week attracts millions first time after COVID-19 pandemic

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« Beijing’s old part of Nanlouguxiang was packed on Sunday as people from all over the country and abroad flocked to China’s capital to celebrate the country’s longest holiday this year, which combines Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day into a Super Golden Week.
Footage shows festive crowds walking in the streets decorated with Chinese national flags enjoying the Autumn holiday this big for the first time since COVID-19 pandemic.
« In regards to the last year, it was influenced by the pandemic, and then this year, the country opened up. After this opening up, people from all over the world came to visit and travel, feeling the atmosphere of Beijing, » said a local resident Miss Yi.
« People can talk together, learn from each other, and eat a lot of Beijing food together. We’re really happy because today is China’s National Day and the 74th birthday of our country, » added a tourist named Li Ming. »

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