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Two lion cubs seized by Lebanese authorities after being discovered in suspected smuggler’s truck in Batroun

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« Lebanese authorities seized two lion cubs after discovering them along with other smuggled wild animals hidden in cardboard boxes and wooden cages in a truck during a routine search at a checkpoint in Batroun on Friday.
Footage captured on Saturday shows the two cubs playing and drinking water after being taken in by the Animals Lebanon welfare group.
According to local reports, an eastern imperial eagle, 350 goldfinches and at least 1,300 ornamental birds were also found in the illegal shipment in Batroun. All of the wild animals have since been seized by authorities, with some said to be in poor health.
Local media claims the illegal shipment departed from neighbouring Syria and was destined for a well-known Lebanese businessman. An investigation into the crime remains ongoing.
The animals were inspected by Lebanon’s Department of Livestock and were later released or held for further treatment.
The eastern imperial eagle is reported to be in critical condition and is currently being cared for by the Lebanese Association for Migratory Birds. »


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