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‘We’re not going to stop fighting!’ – FEMEN activists rally shirtless in Madrid demanding legalisation of abortion *EXPLICIT*

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« FEMEN activists posed shirtless outside the Andorran embassy in Madrid on Sunday to demand the legalisation of abortion and support of woman human rights defender Vanessa Mendoza.
Footage features shirtless activists with slogans on their chests reading ‘Legal abortion saves lives’, ‘Abortion is sacred’ and ‘Free, safe and free abortion,’ among others.
« We are not going to stop fighting for the legal right to free, safe and universal abortion, » said Marilyn, a Femen Activist.
« We are very aware from Femen Spain that in many countries it is still totally forbidden, in more than 20 countries in the world, and one of them is Andorra, which is very close to us, so we wanted to protest here in this embassy to show our support for our colleagues in Andorra, in particular to a fellow activist who is Vanessa Mendoza who we know will face a trial for having defended the right to abortion in her country and for having supported women who needed to have an abortion and have done so abroad, » she added.
Therefore, the activists decided to stage a protest at the embassy to express their solidarity with their counterparts in Andorra, specifically in support of an activist named Vanessa Mendoza.
She highlighted that Vanessa is facing a legal trial for advocating for the right to abortion in her country and for providing support to women who need to undergo abortions abroad.
Andorra, with a population of approximately 77,000 individuals, enforces a complete prohibition on abortion. Andorra, along with Malta, stands as one of the only European countries with such stringent abortion laws. »

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