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Age is a state of mind! Meet Jackie, the 39-year-old Japanese man who identifies himself as 28

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« A 39-year-old Japanese man named Jackie is turning heads by identifying himself as a 28-year-old ‘trans-age’ individual.
Born in 1984, Jackie’s journey into the world of trans-age identity began after a distressing incident at work seven years ago, prompting him to embrace an age that resonated with his true self.
The footage filmed on Monday in Kyoto features a day in the daily life of Jackie, who is fond of art, videogames and meeting up with his friends.
« I like my age to be around 28 because I think it’s just right for me, half adult, but with the essence and nuance of a child. 28 years old is just right for me, » Jackie boldly proclaimed.
His story challenges conventional notions of age and the expectations that come with it. Jackie’s unique perspective has garnered widespread attention, sparking conversations about the flexibility of age-related expectations and the power of empathy among generations.
« By becoming a part of this ‘trans-age,’ I have become kinder to such people and have come to understand their feelings. So I think the advantage is that I can be kind to both older and younger people. I believe that everyone is free, everyone can be kind to each other, and there is room in the heart for everyone, » Jackie shared.
While Jackie’s story went viral in Japan back in May, the concept of trans-age continues to ignite discussions on social media worldwide.
Jackie’s journey serves as a reminder that age is not just a number, but a deeply personal aspect of identity. While some may scoff at the idea of choosing an age, others see it as a liberating concept that breaks down societal restrictions, allowing individuals to explore the joys of different ages. »


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