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Clashes erupt in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square as hundreds rally to mark 2019 anti-government protests

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« Clashes erupted in Baghdad on Sunday as hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the mass anti-government protests of 2019.
Footage shows demonstrators hurling stones at security forces as they attempted to disperse the crowds and quell the unrest.
According to local reports, around 1,000 protesters took part in the rally in central Baghdad, with occasional clashes breaking out between demonstrators and law enforcement officers. No injuries were reported on either side.
Tahrir Square is a symbolic site for protests in Baghdad. In 2019, mass protests against the government triggered by high unemployment and allegations of state corruption erupted in the square.
The protests lasted several days, resulting in a police crackdown, which left hundreds dead and thousands more injured. »


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