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dimanche, mai 26, 2024

‘Endless war will end our world’ – Anti-war protesters rally in NYC against NATO, arms supplies to Ukraine

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« Dozens of anti-war protesters took to the streets of New York City on Sunday to voice their opposition to NATO and America’s military backing of Ukraine.
The protesters could be seen holding anti-war signs such as « Endless war will end our world, » « Funding for school, jobs not war, » and « Defeat US/NATO war drive. »
The protesters demanded to halt war financing immediately to finance other crucial sectors, like education and housing.
« NATO is one of the fundamental arms of the imperialist world system and its interests are the perpetuation of imperial capital and extraction of wealth from the dispossessed. And spread weapons to suppress world’s working poor, » one of the protesters said.
« If we can force the US government to stop sending weapons to Ukraine, the war will end the very next day, » another protester added. »


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