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Environmental activists spray Louis Vuitton shop with orange paint during Paris Fashion Week

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« During Paris Fashion Week, environmental activists associated with the group ‘Derniere renovation’ made a statement by spraying the front of the Louis Vuitton shop located on the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Monday.
These activists used bright orange paint to decorate the shop’s front windows as a way to bring attention to their cause.
Footage captured a pro-animal activist being taken into custody by the police while shouting, ‘No to animal suffering for fashion.’
As shop employees worked to clean the painted surfaces, passersby expressed varying opinions about the act.
One tourist arriving for Paris Fashion Week remarked, « It is just horrible. It’s a lack of respect. Put some respect on Louis Vuitton. »
Another tourist, standing nearby and gesturing towards the damaged windows, said, « If someone has something to say. I think they should say it, right? Whatever the issue is. But I don’t know. »
Residents, who have become accustomed to protests in recent times, attempted to rationalise the demonstration.
« I think this type of action is regrettable. But unfortunately, it’s the only way to make ourselves heard. I would tend to support this type of action. It’s peaceful, it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s just paint, so there you go. I support it! » stated a local resident.
Paris Fashion Week is a series of designer presentations held twice a year in Paris, France, featuring spring/summer and autumn/winter collections.This year’s Paris Fashion Week is scheduled from September 25 to October 3, 2023, showcasing the Spring/Summer collection for the following year. »


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