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‘It requires consensus from both sides’ – Taiwan’s Kinmen Islands locals react to Beijing’s plan to boost access to coastal Fujian

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« Locals of Taiwan-controlled Kinmen Islands and Matsu Islands reacted, on Sunday, to Beijing’s new integrating development plan to boost Taiwan’s access to coastal Fujian.
The Chinese state planner announced that it will implement « special » policy measures to enhance Taiwanese enterprises’ access to Fujian province across the Taiwan Strait. China plans to enhance the integration of Xiamen and Taiwan’s Kinmen Islands through improved gas, electricity, and transportation links.
Liu, a Taiwanese soldier, said that both sides should consulate steps before being taken.
« It’s not about whether what they say counts or what we say, counts. It requires consensus from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to establish or implement this demonstration zone, » he said.
Another resident of the island, Wu, said that people on the islands need peace, expressing hope that political leaders from both sides would hold talks and resolve this crisis
Wu, a resident of Xiamen, China who was visiting the islands, expressed his approval of the new policy
« This policy is very favourable because some previous policies led to misunderstandings and deviations during their implementation, causing concerns among our fellow Taiwanese. This time, the central government is paying great attention, so we hope that this policy can truly be put into practice, » he said.
This initiative is part of China’s broader strategy to establish coastal Fujian province as an integrated development zone with Taiwan, despite China’s territorial claims over the islands »


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