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Milei, Massa and other candidates participate in Argentina presidential election debate

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« Argentina’s presidential candidates participated in an electoral debate on Sunday in Santiago del Estero, ahead of the general elections in the country.
Libertarian candidate Javier Milei affirmed that the wants to “carry out a reform of the State, drastically reducing public spending, reducing taxes, simplifying the tax system, deregulating thoroughly the economy, carrying out privatisations to get rid of the disastrous State companies, open the economy and close the Central Bank.”
He also refused to believe that there were 30,000 people who disappeared during the last dictatorship in the 70s, claiming that the real figure was way lower.
Felipe Massa, current Economy Minister and presidential candidate for Union por la Patria, stated that if he wins, he is g2oing to convene a government of national unity, no one can be surprised when they see in my government trade unionists or businessmen, workers or merchants, liberal, radical, or progressive sectors, because ultimately, the challenge we have to face is to build state policies.”
Milei, a neoliberal economist, leads the polls ahead of the presidential elections to be held on October 22. Felipe Massa and conservative Patricia Bullrich follow him in the surveys. »


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