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‘My children are still trapped’ – Locals plead for help after deadly gold mine collapse in Zimbabwe

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« Locals in the Zimbabwean town of Chegutu said they are still waiting for help from the government on Monday, after a gold mine collapsed, leaving at least eight people dead while others remain trapped underground.
The Beyhose mine collapsed on Friday in the gold-rich town located approximately 100 kilometres (60 miles) west of the capital, Harare.
“We went underground being led by people from the mines commission to remove the bodies of the victims. We could not continue as other parts of the shaft are still collapsing,” said a rescuer.
Dorica, a local, pleaded for help from authorities, claiming two of her children were still trapped in the mine.
“I am told my children are blocked by a rock and it’s hindering them from being rescued, the government should interfere and provide equipment that can save my children, » she said.
According to local reports, 34 miners a believed to have been underground when the mine collapsed on Friday. Eight have been confirmed dead, according to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, while 21 we reportedly rescued. »


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