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‘No special preferential treatment’ – Hangzhou Asian Games spox clears controversy over North Korean players

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« The regular press conference on Venue Operations of the Hangzhou Asian Games took place at the Hangzhou Main Media Center on Monday. The event addressed several key aspects of the ongoing Asian Games.
One notable topic discussed was the North Korean delegation’s participation, which has often been a point of controversy. North Korean women weightlifters made an impressive return to international competition during the Asian Games, setting five world records, winning two gold medals, and defeating Olympic and world champions from China.
Addressing concerns about preferential treatment, Mao Genhong, the Hangzhou Asian Games Chief Spokesperson, that the North Korean team received the same treatment as other delegation.
« The North Korean team enjoys the same treatment as the delegations from our Olympic Council of Asia member countries and regions. There is no special preferential treatment. The North Korean athletes’ competition and viewing are the same as those of athletes from other countries and regions, » she said.
Furthermore, as of October 2, the Hangzhou Asian Games had awarded a total of 275 gold medals across various events. China, South Korea, and Japan emerged as the top three countries in terms of medal count.
Xu Deqing, the Chief Spokesperson for the Hangzhou Asian Games, disclosed that on October 2, a total of 26 venues would host 26 sub-competitions, including squash, diving, and archery, resulting in the distribution of 30 gold medals.
Carrying the slogan « Heart to Heart, @Future, » the event Games will run until October 8, spanning six Chinese cities, including Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, and hosting over 12,000 athletes from a record 45 countries vying for 481 gold medals across 40 sports. »


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