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‘Not looking forward to tomorrow morning!’ – Competitors eat Carolina Reaper peppers in world record attempt at NYC Hot Sauce Expo

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« People in New York City gathered together at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo where the competitors ate volcanic peppers during the Carolina Reaper Eating Contest to break the world record on Sunday.
The Expo brings together the hottest sauces from around the world for tastings and features incredible eating contests such as the ‘Spicy Bagel of DOOM’ challenge.
« I’m not looking forward to tomorrow morning. I can tell you that much. » said a competitor.
Among the scheduled spectacles, the Reaper-Eating Contest generated the most heat as competitors attempted to break the world record by consuming over 22 of these volcanic peppers in under a minute.
Competitors prepared to subject their mouths to extreme discomfort, ignite their throats, trigger uncontrollable runny noses and eyes, and potentially sacrifice their taste buds, all reportedly in pursuit of a $1,000 (around €946,54) prize. »


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