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Over 50,000 Jewish worshipers gather at Western Wall for priestly blessing during Sukkot in East Jerusalem

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« More than 50,000 Jewish worshipers gathered at the Western Wall Plaza in East Jerusalem to participate in a joint prayer of Birkat Kohanim, the priestly blessing, on Monday. This event took place during the Hol Hamoed days of Sukkot and the High Holy Days, drawing thousands of participants to the iconic site.
The footage features worshippers gathering near the Western Wall as they perform religious rituals and pray in groups for the event.
The tradition of holding a mass gathering for the priestly blessing has been a cherished highlight of the week-long Sukkot and Passover holidays for over five decades. Typically, these gatherings feature tens of thousands of people wearing white tallit, creating a striking visual spectacle.
To ensure the safety and smooth flow of the event, Israeli forces closed roads and entrances leading to the Western Wall, facilitating the arrival of thousands of worshipers who came to engage in Talmudic prayers.
The Western Wall is a significant religious site for Jews, and events like this one hold deep cultural and spiritual importance. It’s worth noting that tensions often arise in the region due to differing religious and political views, but the priestly blessing at the Western Wall remains an integral part of Jewish traditions during these holy occasions. »


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