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Riding high! Nigerian inventor crafts motorbikes from recycled scrap metal

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« Meet Johnson Lubem Noah, a skilled Nigerian craftsman with a remarkable vision from Gboko, Benue State. He is turning iron scraps into fully functional motorbikes and aspires to revolutionise the industry. All he needs is the right investor to help him achieve his dream of making over 100 million naira (240,000 EUR) from his ingenious creations.
In the footage filmed on Sunday, Lubem is seen at work in his compound in Gboko, where he passionately transforms discarded iron into motorcycles. His commitment and belief in his craft shine through as he meticulously welds, bends, and cuts iron scraps to shape his unique creations. Lubem also takes pride in offering refurbished old bikes to interested customers.
Lubem’s journey began as a motorcycle mechanic working the roadside, but his passion led him to explore customising bikes. He would purchase old motorcycles and transform them into his unique designs.
« I’ve been doing this thing for years. I was a mechanic, a motorcycle mechanic. I used to do a mechanic on the roadside. And then, what gave me love to start doing these was when I started customising bikes. I start like this by customising bikes. I’ll go and buy an old bike, and I’ll customise it and redesign it into my design, » explained Lubem.
The skilled craftsman now boasts over 40 motorcycles that he has built from start to finish. Not one to rest on his laurels, Lubem is even researching electric vehicles that can run without fuel.
Despite his remarkable achievements, Lubem emphasises the need for support within Nigeria to nurture local talent and innovation. He dreams of a future where his creations, crafted with local equipment in his compound, can make a significant impact on the motorcycle industry. »


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