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Thousands of BNP activists rally against Awami League government in Bangladeshi capital

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« Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators affiliated with the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) took to the streets of Dhaka for an anti-government rally on Monday.
Footage shows thousands of people, including activists from the Farmers Party marching through the streets of the city with flags and banners as they denounced Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and his ruling Awami League government.
Bangladeshi political parties have been organising mass demonstrations in central Dhaka for more than a year. Protesters are calling for the immediate resignation of Hasina, who has ruled the country for 15 consecutive years.
Anti-government protests have intensified in recent months ahead of the country’s twelfth parliamentary elections, which are reported to take place in either December or January 2024. At least 22 people have been killed during the political unrest.
The mass protests come as Bangladesh faces an economic crisis causing foreign exchange reserves to slide dramatically, triggering unprecedented levels of inflation.
Bangladesh has been trying to meet loan conditions put forth by the International Monetary Fund. The South Asian country and the IMF, headquartered in Washington DC, agreed on an aid program totalling $4.5 billion (4.14 billion euros) last November.
However, to receive the loan, the IMF imposed several conditions, including cutting subsidies in several sectors, including the power and energy sectors. According to local media, the government had raised prices for electricity and gas to meet the conditions. »

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