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Tidy your workSPACE! Cosmonaut Borisov cleans up on ISS *EXCLUSIVE*

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« Russian cosmonaut Konstantin Borisov filmed himself cleaning the International Space Station (ISS), vacuuming and wiping away dust in zero gravity, as well as discussing the ins and outs of garbage disposal in exclusive footage from September 19 to 30.
« It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time to clean up, » he explained. « Our main tool is the vacuum cleaner, and today I need to vacuum the main ventilation grilles, which have accumulated a lot of dust and artefacts over the week, as well as laptop vents and anything else that I see when vacuuming. The cleaning takes about two-three hours. »
Borisov added that the space vacuum cleaner is not too different from an ordinary one – except for its volume which means ear plugs are needed!
« Here it is, big, sturdy and handy, in a metal case. It is already connected to an outlet and to grounding so that there is no electricity on the case and it is safe to use it. In general, it’s an ordinary vacuum cleaner, » he added.
The cosmonaut also stated that the ISS disposes of garbage only two-three times a year. The rubbish is collected in special bags stored on the Progress spaceship, which will be detached from the ISS in November 2023, before burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere.
« We call these bags ‘piglets’, because they are small, pink, funny and have a tail. This is where we store food waste, that is, garbage with leftover food on it. No matter how carefully we try to finish everything, there is always something left on the packaging, in tin cans which, of course, in the future it will rot, decompose and grow a lot of mould. A lot of unpleasant things will happen to the leftovers, that’s why we have such reliable rubber bags, » he remarked.
Borisov arrived at the ISS aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft with the Crew-7 expedition on August 27. The crew also included NASA astronaut and Crew-7 commander Jasmin Moghbeli, European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Andreas Mogensen and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Satoshi Furukawa.
Borisov is the third Russian cosmonaut to travel to the ISS aboard a SpaceX rocket, after Anna Kikina and Andrey Fedyaev, who arrived at the station in October 2022 and March 2023 respectively.

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