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Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York begins

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« The civil fraud trial against former US President Donald Trump, his eldest children, and their family business over business and tax fraud charges began at a Manhattan courthouse in New York on Monday.
Footage shows the motorcade carrying Trump arriving at the courthouse, New York State Attorney General Letitia James and Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba commenting to journalists over the case.
« No one is above the law, and it is my responsibility and my duty and my job to enforce it. The law is both powerful and fragile, and today in court, we will prove our case. I thank you all for being here. And again, justice will prevail, » said James.
Trump appeared in court Monday morning for the first day of the trial, in which he is allegedly accused of committing fraud in his business dealings.
« So keep hitting him (Donald Trump) because he’s going to keep fighting. At the end of the day, we have a judge that has told us that Mar-a-Lago is worth 18 million dollars. He’s failed to acknowledge what the appellate division has said. And we will continue to fight in hopes that there is some level of law and order in this country at this point, » told Alina Habba, Donald Trump’s lawyer.
The civil fraud trial could result in a permanent ban on former President Trump from doing business, alongside other potential penalties, including a 250 million US Dollar fine. »


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