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‘We want the Tories out’ – Thousands join anti-government rally in Manchester as Conservative Party holds conference

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« Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Manchester on Sunday during an anti-government rally as Britain’s ruling Conservative Party held its annual conference in the city.
Footage shows large crowds of demonstrators gathered in areas surrounding the Manchester Central convention complex with banners and placards bearing slogans such as ‘Defy Tory rule’.
The demonstration, dubbed by participants as the ‘People’s Assembly’ march, was organised as a protest against 13 years of Conservative governance.
Demonstrators expressed their anger with many of the government’s policies, including funding for public services, student tuition fees, anti-migration efforts and recent U-turns on climate goals.
“I’m here because I am tired of 13 years of Tory’s rule in the country. They made a complete mess of it, including Brexit,” said a local teacher who had joined the demonstration.
“Enough is enough. We want the Tories out and we want public service properly funded and workers paid properly,” added a second teacher from Cheshire.
The four-day Conservative conference comes at a crucial time for the government as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak attempts to restore stability after a tumultuous year which has seen his party left trailing behind in the polls ahead of a looming general election. »


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