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‘You can be assured of our determination’ – EU’s Borrell reiterates support for Kiev during meeting with Zelensky

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« Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and some of Europe’s top diplomats in Kiev on Monday during an unannounced informal meeting to reassess the bloc’s support for Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia.
Footage shows the European and Ukrainian delegations sitting around a table for bilateral talks in what has been described as the bloc’s first joint meeting of foreign ministers outside EU borders. Later Zelensky and Borrell participated in a joint press briefing.
“You can be assured of our determination to stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes, and our shared commitment will be vital in the long haul, » Borrell told the Ukrainian president.
On Sunday, Josep Borrell said the bloc would increase military support for Ukraine after the US Congress on Saturday said it would remove additional aid to Kiev from the draft budget to avoid a shutdown.
Brussels hopes to provide Kiev with a new military aid package of 20bn euros until 2027. The ministers also discussed the allocation of five billion euros a year for arms and ammunition, according to media reports. »


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