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‘For you, I decided to run for a new presidential term’ – Egypt’s el-Sissi confirms he will seek third mandate in upcoming elections

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« Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, stated that he will ‘run for a new presidential term’ promising that the new term would be an extension of joint endeavor for ‘the benefit of Egypt and the Egyptian people,’ in a national conference held in Cairo on Monday.
According to El-Sisi, this decision meets the will of the Egyptian people as the driving force behind his candidacy. He emphasised the importance of a democratic process in his address, encouraging eligible voters to participate in the elections, even if they do not cast their ballots in his favour.
“I want you to show the whole world that we have a true state, and that it is the will of the people – not the will of the ruler – that will determine the ruler,” President El-Sisi asserted.
Reflecting on his previous term in office, President El-Sisi highlighted the challenges and achievements Egypt faced during his leadership. He praised the resilience of the Egyptian people, who came together to overcome despair and frustration. He credited the restoration of the nation to its citizens and their collective efforts in countering the influence of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. The President also acknowledged the sacrifices made by honourable martyrs in the fight against terrorism.
President El-Sisi demonstrated his respect for the democratic process by acknowledging other potential candidates.
“As an Egyptian citizen before I became a president, I was thrilled to see this diversity of candidates who want to assume this responsibility. I highly respect and appreciate them,” he stated.
In his address, he made a plea for the active participation of all Egyptian citizens in the democratic process, underlining his commitment to fulfilling his promises and tirelessly working for the betterment of the country.
“I call on all the Egyptian people to participate in this democratic process to objectively choose whoever they think deserves to be a president – and God will help whoever deserves,” he added.
Concluding his announcement, President El-Sisi urged the audience to implore God’s guidance in the upcoming election. He asked for divine intervention to ensure that the most deserving candidate would lead the nation.
“I have sincerely exerted every effort possible and fulfilled my promise as much as possible and worked faithfully and objectively for my country. As I responded to the call of the Egyptian people before. Before I continue, I’d like to ask you to implore God that if someone else is more deserving of the presidency than me, may God grant him success, and if I am more deserving, may God grant me success,” he concluded. »


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