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Hundreds march for peace in Berlin on Germany’s Unity Day

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« Hundreds of demonstrators marched for peace through the streets of Berlin to mark Germany’s Unity Day on Tuesday.
Footage shows a procession of activists waving banners with the symbol of a peace dove as well as German and Russian flags during the march, which was held under the slogan ‘Höchste Zeit für Friedenspolitik!’ (High Time for Peace Politics!).
According to local reports, Berlin saw a moderate police presence on Tuesday as several marches took place to commemorate the country’s Unity Day, causing disruption to traffic.
Tuesday marks the 33rd German Unity Day, which commemorates the official unification of East and West Germany, which was created in 1949. However, at the height of Perestroika in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell and in 1990 the official reunification of Germany took place, which is still celebrated annually to this day. »

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