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Iran’s army unveils ‘Kaman-19’ UAV during large-scale drone drills

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« Iran showcased its latest drone, the ‘Kaman-19,’ during large-scale unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drills on Tuesday, which featured the most recent advancements in Iran’s military technology.
General Habibollah Sayyari, the army’s deputy chief co-ordinator, stated that the primary objective of the drills was to challenge and improve Iran’s defensive and offensive capabilities in the drone sector.
The main stage of the drills involved the participation of troops from four units of the army, with approximately 200 unmanned aircraft being deployed for the exercise. The new UAV was engaged in electronic warfare and aerial radar jamming demonstrations.
The Kaman-19 represents Iran’s most recent achievement in the field and is expected to enhance the country’s strategic surveillance capabilities. »


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