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‘It is enough!’ – Hundreds join anti-government in Aschaffenburg on German Unity Day

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« Hundreds of protesters joined an anti-government rally in the town of Aschaffenburg on Tuesday to mark German Unity Day.
Footage shows demonstrators marching and chanting while carrying banners bearing slogans such as: ‘The Greens are Germany’s downfall’, ‘We are in the red line’, ‘Down with government’, ‘We are the people’, ‘We are governed by idiots’ and ‘Close the borders!’.
« We have been on the streets of Germany since August 2020 because we dislike the politics, the government and how they have disrupted everything », explained an activist from Warstein.
« I simply had this feeling that this stretch that this government gives on the neck, just becomes tighter and tighter by the passing days and I am no more interested in that, » added a second. “It is enough! »
A smaller group of protesters also gathered near the main square, with LGTBIQ+ flags and a large banner with the message ‘For acceptance and diversity. For diversity and solidarity, stay colourful’.
Tuesday marks the 33rd German Unity Day, which commemorates the official unification of East and West Germany, which was created in 1949. However, at the height of Perestroika in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell and in 1990 the official reunification of Germany took place, which is still celebrated annually to this day. »

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