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‘It’s too late’- Dengue outbreak in Bangladesh reaches record level with over 1,000 deaths this year

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« The dengue outbreak in Bangladesh reached alarming levels on Monday, with more than 1,000 deaths reported this year, marking the highest death toll in the last 23 years.
In the first nine months of 2023, 1,017 people succumbed to dengue, with 396 deaths recorded in September alone. 28 people lost their lives in the first two days of October.
The footage filmed in the Mugda Medical College Hospital in Dhaka on Tuesday shows hospital beds filled with patients while some were seated on the floor.
Professor Dr Niatuzzaman, the director of Mugda Medical College Hospital, explained some of the factors contributing to the high death rate. He mentioned that the risk of death is particularly high for those exposed to dengue for the second or third time, as they often present with complicated dengue shock syndrome.
“The symptoms of dengue were not known to our common people in many cases Because we usually dengue meant to say heavyweight, spine pain, but now they are not seen This year, due to seeing other problems of dengue patients, the patients are delaying to understand, as a result, when the patient comes to the doctor, it is too late,” he added.
Another significant issue highlighted was that patients from different districts outside of Dhaka would often leave the hospital without completing their treatment. While these patients came to Dhaka with severe illness, they left prematurely, contributing to the higher death rate among such cases.
Dengue was first detected in Bangladesh in 2000, but the country has not witnessed such a devastating outbreak in the last 23 years. In 2023, Bangladesh recorded the highest number of dengue-related deaths. The previous record, set in 2022, saw 281 deaths.
This year, 208,884 people were infected with dengue, with 84,458 cases in Dhaka and 124,426 cases reported in hospitals outside the capital. The situation remains a grave concern, with health authorities and medical professionals working tirelessly to address the crisis. »


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