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‘My worries were unnecessary’- Thousands flock to Hangzhou’s West Lake to celebrate China’s national day after COVID-19 hiatus

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« Thousands of visitors flock to Hangzhou’s famous West Lake on Tuesday to celebrate National Day in China for the first time since all COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, as tourist arrivals grow during the Golden Week holiday.
Footage shows visitors flocking to the lake to celebrate the country’s longest holiday.
According to official reports, China Railway Group said the country’s railway system was expected to carry more than 16 million passengers on Monday, 175.8 per cent more than last year.
« During Covid, because we were in a state of blockade, I was worried that the pyrotechnic exuberance of Chinese cities would disappear. However, after Covid was lifted, I found that my worries were unnecessary. The Chinese people have infinite power, » said a tourist Xu.
« There are a lot of tourists this year, but maybe West Lake is so big, when I came here I felt that there were not as many people as I expected. I imagined that everywhere might be crowded, but it was not that bad. » said another tourist Fan.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said it expected this year’s Golden Week to bring in revenue of 782.5 billion yuan to the domestic tourism industry.
The Chinese « Golden Week » consists of 7 days during which the whole country enjoys a public holiday which people celebrate by travelling, and engaging in festive activities. »


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