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Three killed in shooting at Bangkok’s Siam Paragon shopping mall, teenage gunman arrested

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« A shooting incident at the Siam Paragon luxury shopping mall in Bangkok left three people dead and several others injured on Tuesday, with the 14-year-old suspected gunman in police custody.
Footage shows emergency services and law enforcement working at the scene after chaos and panic had gripped the mall following reports of gunfire, with customers rushing to the exit as security forces were deployed. Police officers apprehended the suspect and handcuffed him while he lay face down on the ground, as seen in footage on social media. A handgun was also reportedly recovered from the scene.
The incident prompted authorities to temporarily shut down access to the nearby Siam elevated train station, causing disruptions during the evening rush hour.
The Metropolitan Police Detective Department confirmed the arrest of teenage suspected gunman and stated that he is currently being questioned regarding the shooting at the mall.
Earlier, the Central Investigation Bureau had posted a grainy image on social media, identifying the individual dressed in khaki cargo pants and a baseball cap as the alleged gunman.
The motive behind the shooting remains unclear as authorities continue their investigation into the event. »


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