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Turkish authorities detain journalist Arslan in Istanbul following remarks over suicide bombing attack

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« Turkish authorities detained journalist, Aysenur Arslan, on Monday in Istanbul following her remarks regarding the suicide bombing attack that took place in front of the Turkish Interior Ministry on Sunday.
Footage shows authorities escorting Arslan inside a building while many journalists record the moment of her detention.
According to local media reports, the journalist stated on live television that the person behind the suicide bombing attack might not know that there was a remote-controlled explosive inside the car and reportedly questioned if the vehicle planned to be used during the attack was not stolen from Ankara.
It is also reported that Halk TV, the broadcast company where Arslan works, decided to terminate her program due to her remarks.
On Sunday, a suicide bombing attack took place at the General Directorate of Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the morning.
This incident occurred just hours before the Turkish parliament was set to resume its sessions following a three-month summer break.
The suicide bomber triggered the explosive device in the central area of Ankara, leading to a tense confrontation with the police, during which another assailant was reportedly killed. »


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