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Wakey wakey! Panda Ding Ding watches over her cub in Moscow Zoo

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« Giant panda Ding Ding and her cub were seen taking a nap at their enclosure at the Moscow Zoo.
Footage taken on October 1 and 2 shows the baby grunting and yawning, before stretching out her tiny limbs and falling back to sleep.
According to Moscow Zoo Director General Svetlana Akulova, the young panda mummy is growing more confident and letting her cub crawl around a little, while keeping a watchful eye on her baby.
Russia’s first giant panda cub was born on August 30, while parents Ding Ding and Ruyi were brought to Moscow from Beijing in 2019.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping both attended the opening ceremony of the ‘China Fauna’ pavilion at the Moscow Zoo.
In the wild, giant pandas are found exclusively in China, although many are leased to other countries. Ding Ding and Ruyi were transferred to the zoo as part of a scientific programme for the preservation and breeding of the rare species. »


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