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‘We have to get out of NATO’ – Dozens protest arms deliveries to Ukraine in Dusseldorf

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« Demonstrators from an alliance of peace organisations protested in Dusseldorf on Tuesday demanding the cessation of arms deliveries to Ukraine and the initiation of negotiations to end the conflict, favouring diplomacy over violence.
« For 70 years the US stirs from one war into another. It is about democracy allegedly, but in reality it’s about natural resources, and that is why we have to get out of NATO, » said a protester at the rally.
« It is totally ridiculous remembering a US President declare that he will eliminate Nord Stream 2 and the Federal Chancellor stands next to him like a watered poodle. And this poodle wants to be a leader. It is ridiculous, » an activist stated while addressing the demonstrators.
Footage shows dozens of protesters holding various flags, and banners such as ‘Peace without NATO!’, ‘Stop the sanctions and economic war against Russia’, ‘Democracy only works with independent journalism’ during the demonstration.
Germany has provided Ukraine military support in the conflict with Russia, including armoured fighting vehicles, air defence and artillery systems, as well as engineering equipment, protective equipment and support in planning and execution, among others. »

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