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‘A very dangerous sinkhole’- 60-meter-deep hole appears in Al Jadeeda after earthquake in Morocco

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« A massive sinkhole, plunging 60 meters deep, emerged near a resident’s home in Al Jadeeda following the destructive earthquake in Morocco.
Footage captured on Tuesday shows the impressive depth of the sinkhole, the fenced-off area around it, and the nearby home of the resident who was impacted.
“This place, Hardan El-Kawalmah roundabout, Jamaet al-Qawasima, one of Faraj’s sons. This is the place where I live with my children. Now I cannot allow my children or my cattle to go out after this sinkhole was discovered. Usually, I burn the grass on my land and let the cattle out, but I cannot do anything anymore,” said a local living near the hole.
He mentioned that on the morning of Eid, which was on the 28th, his brother was taking care of the sheep when he accidentally found the sinkhole. He came back, and we both went to check it out.
Describing it as an extremely dangerous sinkhole, he also mentioned that he quickly got in touch with the tribe’s sheikh, the community leader, and the local authorities.
The hole is situated approximately 300 meters from his home. The local mentioned that although the authorities had placed a barrier around the sinkhole, some individuals disregarded the police tape to get a closer look.
On September 8, a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit central Morocco, located approximately 45 miles (72,4205 km) southwest of Marrakech. The disaster reportedly claimed nearly 3,000 lives and left over 5,500 people injured, with these numbers anticipated to rise as search-and-rescue efforts persist.
This earthquake allegedly marks Morocco’s most potent seismic event in over a century, and it represents the deadliest incident since 1960. The catastrophe has forced more than half a million people to be internally displaced. »


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