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‘Apocalyptic’ – Rescue operations continue after tourist bus plunge near Venice claims over 20 lives

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« A passenger bus tragically plunged from a bridge in Mestre, Italy, near Venice, in a devastating incident on Tuesday evening, resulting in the loss of more than 20 lives, including two children. Venice’s Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, took to social media to describe the scene as ‘apocalyptic.’
The ill-fated bus was reportedly en route from Venice to nearby Marghera and was carrying passengers who were returning home from work, according to Mayor Brugnaro. The accident occurred at around 7:45 PM local time (17:45 GMT) when the bus veered off the road, crashed through a barrier, and plummeted onto electricity lines before catching fire.
Venice City Councillor Renato Boraso reported that the bus had a total of 40 passengers on board, with 21 losing their lives and 18 sustaining injuries in this heart-wrenching incident.
Rescue and recovery efforts by the Fire Brigade are ongoing as the community mourns this devastating loss. Further details and investigations are expected to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this tragedy.
The exact cause of this tragic accident remains uncertain at this time. »


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