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‘Appropriate measures must be taken’ – Berlin vows to work with neighbouring countries to tackle irregular migration

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« Member of the press team of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Dr. Mehmet Ata, stated during a press conference in Berlin on Wednesday that the government is working ‘closely’ with neighbouring countries to limit irregular migration and break up ‘smugglings gangs’, especially at the Slovakian border.
“In our discussions with the relevant authorities in our neighbouring countries, it was clear that additional measures are necessary at the borders and that we have to interrupt the smuggling routes, and the earlier and more intensive these controls take place, the fewer people can continue to travel unregistered and come to Germany, » Ata said.
Ata’s remarks came after Poland, the Czech Republic, and Austria reintroduced checks at borders with Slovakia as a measure to stem the flow of irregular migration.
Meanwhile, Kathrin Deschauer, Spokesperson for the German Foreign Office, announced that German Foreign Minister Annelena Baerbock will hold discussions with her Kosovar and Serbian counterparts during a meeting of foreign ministers in Tirana as Berlin seeks a ‘de-escalation’ of tensions in the region.
“The Foreign Minister called for de-escalation, especially in the direction of an unambiguous renunciation of force against the Serbian people. Serbia must unequivocally call for a renunciation of violence, and the perpetrators must also be named as those who committed this act, and the act must be fully uncovered,” Deschauer said.
The spokesperson added that Baerbock will also meet Albania’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister as part of the so-called ‘Berlin Process’, which was initiated by the federal government in 2014 as an informal format for regional cooperation in the Western Balkans. »


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