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Citizens cast ballots in Sharjah as early voting begins for UAE Federal National Council elections

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« Early voting for the Federal National Council (FNC) elections began in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday, as seen on footage captured in an electoral centre in Sharjah.
Voters who are unable to cast their ballots on election day were seen flocking to the Sharjah Chess Cultural Club to use electronic voting machines.
« Today, we are in the final stages of the elections, and we launched the first day of voting, » said election official Counsellor Issa Saif bin Hanzal.
“This is the essence and most important stage of the electoral process. We call on all citizens registered in the lists of electoral bodies to participate in the important nationwide event and fulfil their national duty,” he added.
In addition to the polling station in Sharjah, early Emirate voters can either cast their ballots online or at eight other voting centres in the UAE.
Early voting takes place from October 4-6 while the elections are scheduled for October 7.
Emiratis can choose from 309 candidates who are vying for 20 seats in the 40-seat FNC. The remaining 20 members will be appointed by the country’s rulers. »

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