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Damaged bus removed by emergency crew following deadly bridge plunge near Venice

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« Footage recorded on Tuesday night in Mestre near Venice shows rescue workers removing the destroyed bus and other rubble at the site of the deadly accident which killed at least 21 people just hours earlier.
According to local media reports, the vehicle plunged from the overpass near Venice at 19:45 local time (17:45 GMT). Mayor Luigi Brugnaro described the aftermath as ‘apocalyptic’.
Italian police reported that two children were among the dead, while those of ‘various nationalities’ were onboard, including German, Ukrainian, Spanish, Austrian and French nationals.
Brugnaro stated that the bus, travelling from the city to nearby Marghera, was also carrying many who were ‘returning home from work’, while Venice City Councillor Renato Boraso reported that there were up to 40 passengers.
Local officials also said the vehicle caught fire after falling onto electricity cables. The cause of the accident is still being investigated. »


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