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Demonstrators march in Munich as thousands join anti-war rally on German Unity Day

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« Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of the Bavarian capital for German Unity Day on Tuesday during a rally titled ‘Munich Stands up for Freedom Without Weapons’.
Footage shows a large procession marching through the city centre towards the Marienplatz square with banners, placards and German flags.
According to local reports, more than 1,500 people attended the march on Tuesday, with a number of speakers, including politician Jurgen Todenhofer and author Markus Krall addressing the crowds from a stage.
The protesters were calling for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, a German exit from NATO and an end to arms supplies to Kiev. A smaller pro-Ukrainian counter-demonstration gathered on the sidelines, draped in yellow and blue and shouting ‘Russia is a terror state’.
Mass protests were seen across Germany on Tuesday as the country marked its 33rd German Unity Day, which commemorates the official unification of East and West Germany. »


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