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‘I am very proud’ – Chinese sprinter Xie comments on his victory in 100-metre race at Hangzhou Asian Games

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« Chinese sprinter Xie Zhenye, the champion of the 100-metre race in the Asian Games, expressed his pride in receiving gold Olympic medal during a regular briefing in Hangzhou on Wednesday.
“We have been working towards this goal all the time. It also tells us not to give up until the last minute, because you never know what the result will be. We respect and affirm our opponents, but we should also believe in ourselves and our efforts, because the result may create miracles,” Xie said.
“I am very proud that this medal is a milestone in our Chinese athletic history because it is the first medal. It was not easy,” he added.
In the absence of his injured compatriot Su Bingtian, Zhenye showcased his talent by winning the men’s 100 meters event in under 10 seconds at the Asian Games.
With a time of 9.97 seconds, Xie outperformed his Thai opponent, Puripol Boonson, who finished second with a time of 10.02 seconds. »


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