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‘If you and I did what he did, we’d be in jail’ – US President’s son Hunter Biden appears in federal court to face gun charges

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« Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, arrived at a court in Wilmington, Delaware on Tuesday to face gun charges. The 53-year-old made a court appearance and pleaded not guilty to three firearms-related charges, bringing the case closer to a potential trial. Attempts to reach a plea deal were unsuccessful, leading to the progression of the legal proceedings.
« What’s happening here is Biden thinks he’s above the law while he keeps on attacking Trump that you can’t be above the law. What is going on here? » commented a local resident who stood near the court.
« [If] You and I did what he did, we’d be in jail. But he’s not in jail. ….. The whole family is involved with this », he added.
The federal Gun Control Act has prohibited gun possession by drug users for many years. However, in 2022, the Supreme Court significantly broadened the scope of Second Amendment rights. »


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