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Iranian teenage girl in coma after alleged beating by moral police

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« Iranian 16-year-old student Armita Geravand was reported to be hospitalised in a coma after being allegedly assaulted by Iran’s morality police on the Tehran subway.
Security camera footage from the Tehran metro recorded on Sunday shows Geravand being carried off the vehicle by other girls and placed on the platform, where she stays seemingly unconscious. Some people were seen coming to help.
« According to the video we reviewed since her arrival at the platform, there is no physical and verbal conflict between her and other passengers or our personnel », said Head of Urban Exploration of Railroad Masoud Dorosti.
Human rights associations claimed that Geravand was assaulted by morality police officers for not wearing a hijab. However, authorities have denied these claims and said that the fainting was due to a drop in blood pressure, which caused the girl to hit the side of the carriage.
The incident shook Iranians a year after mass protests over the death in custody of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died after being detained by Iranian morality police for violating a mandatory headscarf law. »


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